5 Module Makeovers to Make Your Apps More Powerful

Composer 2 has been built from its inception to be modular. That means that virtually every piece of the platform can be individually upgraded, altered and interchanged.

We’ve heard a lot of feedback from you, and we've worked hard to improve how the end-user app feels and functions. This means upgrades to all of the core modules. There are UI updates and added functionalities. Read on for the highlights!

Chat - Reimagined UI

This week, we’re bringing you a total visual redesign for the chat module. We’ve aimed at bringing you an experience that will feel both familiar and offer consistency between mobile and web.

More Powerful List Filters

The update to the lists module adds filters that enable you to show just the data you want to see in your lists. We’ve enabled field-specific filters for several field types including date, status, numbers and progress.

Below are just a few examples of the powerful - List properties sold for less than $250,000 between 2011 and 2015 - Show properties still on the markets with bids placed on them closing within ten days - Display all viewings in the next week that are in the Bay Area are are selling for between $800,000 and $1.2M - Examples Uses for Brokerage Template App

Record Details Module – Inline Editing, Better Relations Field, Cleaner UI

The details module is the one that displays a single record like a single product or the details of a customer. The details module is core to the Composer platform so this time around, we made some improvements that will make the core experience a lot smoother.

  • Inline Editing. Previously, to edit a record, you had to navigate to another page to edit. Now, all the editing is done inline right where you view the record to make things faster, and more convenient.
  • Improved relational field UI makes what you’re doing more intuitive.
  • Overall UI improvements makes the details view easier to browse and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Files - Performance Gains, Now With a Spinner

The file attachments module now works much faster with several improvements under the hood.

  • Big speed enhancements
  • Spinner shows while uploads are in progress

Tasks – Cleaner, Faster, Prettier & More Useful

Tasks are one of our most used modules. This time we’ve made some big improvements in the UI as well as making tasks more functional in general.

  • Improved user interface gives more space to focus just on tasks, and hides details until you need them
  • Quick filtering shows complete and incomplete and tasks by user
  • Quickly assign a task to a user with search
  • Task lists now display user avatars for fast identification of who’s on it

Relations - Connecting Data Types Now Faster & More Intuitive

Relations are a powerful way to create connections between content types. Let’s say you have a list of Regional Sales Directors that you’d like to link to their respective regions from your Regions list. Linking the two is as simple as dragging the Relation Module into your Sales Directors details page. This way, you can easily keep detailed records of regions in a totally separate place, yet still keep the relation between the two.

Although there are several improvements, certainly the most notable one is the ability to add a record in your related data set directly within context. Following the previous example, you can now easily add a Region while editing the page for one of your Sales Directors.

  • Add a record in a related data set within the context of your current workflow
  • Big improvements in the presentation
  • Records already related to a current data record are no longer appear in the ‘add record’ list

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