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Real Estate Brokerage App Template

The Brokerage app is a base app for Real Estate Brokerage companies whether commercial or residential. We wanted to keep it simple, so the template gives you what you’d expect from a basic real-estate app. The exciting part comes from the potential it has for expansion. Read on...

Included Features

  • Property search and filter by location, street name, owner and other criteria
  • List of listings
  • Book and view upcoming listings
  • View deals and their statuses
  • View and search prospects and clients

Easily extend the app to...

  • Use files module to organize all related legal and agreement documentation
  • Use rules to keep sellers up-to-date on bookings and sale progression
  • Use rules to send emails to managers on the event that a listing closes
  • Collect signatures from relevant parties for legals and contractual documents
  • Receive offers and auto-attach them to listings
  • Facilitate offers through automated responses on lowballers and notifications to owners on good offers
  • Notifications to all interested parties when listing is closed
  • Auto-email interested parties if a closing date is approaching

Take a look at the large list of currently available templates. We’ll be updating these on a regular basis, as well as adding new ones. Got ideas? We’d love to hear from you!

List of New Templates

  • Search and Display Marketing
  • Installations Intra
  • Customer Info
  • Company SLA
  • Conference Management
  • CRM & Lead database
  • Department Directory
  • Vacations
  • Training Management
  • Strategic Missions
  • Sales Scripts
  • Sales Q&A
  • Wish List
  • Projects
  • Product Info
  • Phone Messages
  • Performance Management
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Manuals
  • Managing Recruitment
  • Department KPIs
  • Incident Reporter
  • Goals
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Leads And Clients
  • Resources
  • Office FAQ

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