Composer 2 and Custom External Triggers

Composer 2 is all about building next-generation business apps. A big part of this is reacting to things happening in the real world and other systems in the cloud. External Triggers allow you to create ad-hoc APIs to bring data into AppGyver’s platform easily. The input can be a submitted web form, an Internet-of-Things sensor registering an anomaly, an external service sending data out – anything that can do an HTTP request.

The Automation engine is what makes Composer 2 apps smart by automatically acting on various triggers. For example, when a new lead with a “White-Hot” Prospect Rating is added, a sales manager can get an automatic push notification.

With External Triggers, you can bring in any outside data via simple and secure webhooks. (Technically, this means an unique, public URL that accepts HTTP POST requests – given they are authorized with your API key.) Once you define an External Trigger, you can create any number of rules with it. All of them are triggered when new data is received.


Practically any service can be made to send a HTTP POST when something happens. Most Internet-of-Things devices provide a way to do this.

It would be simple, for example, to configure a Composer 2 app to send out a message to company staff when their trucks pass 150,000 miles on their odometers. The rules attached to the external trigger would book a service with the maintenance staff and notify the driver of the booking date.

In a more digital example, if you wanted to set up a Composer 2 app to track leads for your salespeople - that would be simple. The beauty of using external triggers for this would be that you wouldn’t have to input any of the lead data manually – you could use a web form on your site to collect the data automatically. And since rules can be attached to external triggers, you could do more than just data collection. How about setting up an instant push notification to go out to the sales manager when the lead includes a budget over $1M?

Some more examples of apps with where External Triggers provide significant business value:

  • Production line halts in China => Local maintenance team activated and U.S. production manager notified.
  • A client in an external CRM has not been contacted in two weeks => Sales rep in charge gets a push notification
  • Product quantity falls below a certain threshold in external inventory management software => a task to confirm refill order is created, after which an email order is automatically sent
  • Stock price drops more than 5% during sleeping hours => CEO’s phone rings on full blast
  • Market prices drop below a threshold => Trade manager gets a push notification

But hey, you know best what your project requirements are. There are loads of different services that will bring actionable data into your app and you’re sure to come up with plenty of valuable ideas.

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