Composer 2 and DreamFactory integration is here

AppGyver and Dreamfactory Parntership

We have partnership news! AppGyver has teamed up with DreamFactory to make it possible to turn data from existing DreamFactory instances into apps with Composer 2. DreamFactory is an open-source platform that allows users to turn various data sources like SQL and Mongo databases into REST APIs. Go check out our partnership page!

So, if you have a DreamFactory instance (or want to set one up – it's free to try out), you can give the integration a try and mobilize your data in just a few minutes.

  • Don’t have a Composer 2 account yet? No worries – simply head to our AppGyver + DreamFactory partner page and click Start Building to test the integration.
  • Existing Composer 2 users? Log in and select the integration by following these steps within the platform:

Data → Add new resource → Import existing data → 3rd party platforms → New data source

After this, you can choose from DreamFactory 1.9 or 2.0.

Why the partnership makes sense

Here are some thoughts from Marko, our CEO, on why it simply made sense for AppGyver and DreamFactory to partner:

‘‘...Composer 2 was created to empower businesses to build apps that streamline data-driven processes. However, based on client feedback, we knew that data in legacy systems can be difficult to access – slowing app delivery. By partnering with DreamFactory, we can now provide fast and secure RESTful access to virtually any data source, ensuring this common problem doesn’t stop enterprises from creating the smart apps they need with Composer 2.’’

Get the full details from our official press release announcement!

Watch how the Composer 2 and DreamFactory integration works

Marko Lehtimaki, CEO AppGyver

As CEO & Co-Founder of AppGyver, Marko possesses a deep understanding of emerging technologies and their implications to enterprise businesses.

San Francisco, CA