Composer 2 templates are here! Creating iOS & Android business apps is now easier than ever

App templates have arrived! Pre-made templates are now part of our enterprise app platform. They’re perfect for anyone looking to create smart business apps for specific use cases. New ones will be added every week or so – we’ll let everyone know on Twitter when there’s new ones available. In the meantime, here are our first two examples: Incident reporter and Support procedures.

Employees can achieve so much more if they’re able to execute tasks and access information on the go. Mobile apps are the natural tool to enable this. So we looked into research and feedback to identify the most common data-driven business processes that can be streamlined with simple but smart apps. App templates benefit anyone responsible for improving workplace efficiency and productivity, as they really put the rubber on the road for Composer 2’s capabilities.

App templates for specific use cases

This week we’re highlighting two app templates to illustrate how a typical organization or team can benefit from using apps. Templates cover any situations where data collection or access is an important part of teamwork. These are: incidence reporting and support procedures.

Incident reporter

When a workplace incident or crisis takes place, it’s crucial to take action on the spot. Notifying the right person with the right details as soon as possible is essential to successfully resolve the issue in time.

Apps for reporting incidents give employees a tool that is easy to access and use, without the added pressure of having to decide which data needs to be shared and with whom. Incident reporting templates have predetermined fields that prompt the user to input specific information, after which a notification can be automatically sent to the other users of the app to take action.

End result: Incident reporter apps collect information in a predetermined format, making reports concise and clean. Relevant users of the app can then be automatically alerted via different mediums (text messages, push notifications, emails etc).

Support Procedures

Support material or manual guides such as FAQ’s and support manuals are key to ensuring employees can perform tasks smoothly. Materials for internal processes and tools may be difficult to access if stored across different libraries of a company’s intranet.

It’s possible to bring useful support guidance to an employee’s fingertips with an app. The Support Procedures template make them accessible regardless of the document’s original storage location.

End result: Support material for internal processes can be accessed via a simple app. Additionally, users can submit requests for new material to be added to the repository of existing guides.

Sign up or log in to Composer 2 and start building apps from templates right away. Choose amongst Composer 2’s list of smart features like automation actions, data sources and user settings to make your app even more powerful.

Have a template idea? Ping us at and we’ll add it to the backlog!

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