Composer 2 is here

Over the past 18 months we’ve been working hard on the next big thing from AppGyver, and today we’re excited to reveal it in its public form:

Composer 2, a drag-and-drop visual tool for creating and publishing smart apps around business data

AppGyver Composer 2


This visual platform combines all our learnings and all the technologies we’ve ever built – and then some. We’ve gathered everything under a simple, visual user interface. There's also powerful code extension capabilities for developers (more on that further down). It's super easy to use, and the end result is always powerful.

Whether you’re looking to create an internal business app or a consumer-facing one, Composer 2 allows you to cover the whole life-cycle of app development. For the first time, AppGyver lets developers and non-developers alike create both web and mobile apps, with powerful API and database connection capabilities — all within minutes.

With the increasing dominance of trends such as Internet of Things, the need for apps that cover a multitude of business needs is soaring. With Composer 2, we're making building such custom apps easy, fast and possible for everyone.

Composer 2 overview

AppGyver’s mission is to make high-quality app development possible for everyone

Steroids, our first tool, made app development lightning fast for professional web developers. Composer 1 and Supersonic made the same possible for an even larger audience.

Now, Composer 2 is replicating this for everyone, including business professionals, citizen developers, consultants and many more. We are excited about the possibilities.

That said, we haven’t forgotten our hacker roots: if you’re a developer, Composer 2 will be a great addition to your toolbelt as well. In addition to taking away a lot of the boring grunt work for many projects, Composer 2 apps are fully extendable with custom code.

Composer 1 transitions into Composer 2

We first built Composer 1 to make it quick and easy to get started with the basic elements of your app such as navigation, UI elements, connecting to backends etc. This was to let users spend more time on the more complex aspects of app development instead of writing boilerplate code.

The response was insanely great from the get-go, so before long we knew we wanted to take Composer one step further. The main questions were: in developing Composer further, what new major problem can we tackle, and how can we make Composer accessible to non-developers as well?

Focus on data-driven apps for businesses

Tools for building data-driven apps have always been at our core. At the same time, these kinds of apps have been in increasing demand for business use, and the trend is only accelerating. Smart, data-driven apps can give organisations the power to improve almost any business processes.

Thus, in taking Composer 1 to the next level it simply made sense for us to transform it into a tool that’s suitable for creating apps for business needs, whether it’s for internal employee use, consumer-facing or business-to-business.

See Composer 2 in action

Mobile enterprise app development is an untapped goldmine

With Composer 2 we’re placing a strategic focus on the mobile enterprise app platform space, as one of the most lucrative and important segments in app development right now lies within enterprise and business apps.

  • Gartner says demand for enterprise mobile apps will outstrip available development capacity five to one by 2017
  • According to Accenture, 81% of enterprises surveyed believe mobile apps are key to unlocking vital data across their business and 85% believe apps will be the dominant interface of the future
  • IDG found that mobile is a critical/high priority on the business technology agenda for 64% of organizations. Top factors behind mobile investments include improving internal communication (68%), customer retention (62%), and increasing speed of decision-making (60%).
  • StrategyAnalytics expects the mobile enterprise business applications market to top $40.5 billion in 2015 and grow to $63.0 billion by 2020.

The opportunity is clear: statistics show that enterprise and business apps are in high demand, yet supply is low. This is where you, our community, come in. With Composer 2, you can build the apps that all those companies need, faster than anyone else.

As the market gears up to satisfy the enterprise app development trend and competition increases, it’s important that apps can be created and published at lightning speed.

We’ve built Composer 2 as a tool that accelerates enterprise app creation, adds value to businesses and provides a new revenue stream for consultants, developers and SaaS providers.

Success for developers

In today's world, making a great app doesn't necessarily translate into success in the app stores. Competition is fierce, with thousands of apps being published every single day.

The key is to be two steps ahead of new industry trends and fulfill the demand for emerging needs. Today, this means you don’t necessarily have to create apps for the App Store or Google Play in order to be successful as a developer.

With Composer 2, we felt that an interface that is completely visual is critical to enable all audiences to create apps quickly. But Composer 2 also brings exciting possibilities to our Steroids community, those who love coding.

Composer 2 and extendibility: Steroids integration

It’s important for us that Composer’s visual interface still lets our talented developer community extend their projects with their kick-ass coding skills.

So when building the platform we made sure that every single layer of the Composer 2 stack can be extended with code. This means you can build your app visually if you want, but can still extend with code to take it to the next level.

What’s more, any code extensions can be then packaged into a visual module, which can be copied and used when creating new apps in the future.

But it doesn’t end there: we have a lot of developer friendly features in the pipeline for Composer 2, such as full Steroids integration and a Module Marketplace, where developers can share and sell their best creations.

Head on over to the Composer 2 developer page for an overview, or jump straight into the docs.

Going forward, to keep things clear for our developers vs. other users of the AppGyver platform, we’ve created for all things Steroids and Supersonic and for Composer 2.

As always, feedback is very important to us, so don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts/ ideas for improvement at And most importantly, get ready to start building!

Marko Lehtimaki, CEO AppGyver

As CEO & Co-Founder of AppGyver, Marko possesses a deep understanding of emerging technologies and their implications to enterprise businesses.

San Francisco, CA