Expanding the team: Meirav Minitzer and Mats Melén join to strengthen AppGyver's sales and business development

B2E (Business-to-Employee) apps that are specifically created for a company’s internal use are changing the way businesses operate. They bring work to employees’ fingertips, empowering them to access and manage relevant business information via mobile. As a result, everyone is more productive. B2E apps also increase the visibility and effectiveness of the whole organization.

As businesses are just now waking up to the fact that they need internal business apps, we need to bring Composer 2 to them. To help make this possible, and parallel to the launch of Composer 2 last month, we’ve been busy beefing up the business development team to support our growth in the enterprise app space.

The AppGyver team

Our newest team member is Meirav Minitzer, who has just joined to oversee Business Development, headed by one of our (also) recent additions, Mats Melén. Mats and Meirav will be helping us ramp up and expand our services to our growing list of large business customers.


The launch of Composer 2 reflects a new era for AppGyver, and I couldn’t be prouder. Right now, the AppGyver team is made up of 20 passionate and super talented professionals working in different areas of programming and business development. Meet the full AppGyver team here.

Moving into the enterprise

Some of you may be wondering: why are we going so strongly into the enterprise space, after devoting so much time to generic coding tools? I’ll be sharing more of that in detail later, but in the meantime, here’s the short answer.

We believe that the biggest opportunity for app developers around the world is and will be in the internal business apps. The needs for business apps are growing faster than the supply, and we want to enable more and more people — including our existing community — to take advantage of that opportunity. The economics of apps in the app stores are changing, and it’s way easier for developers to build apps professionally for needs that bring tangible value to the customers from the get-go.

Secondly, this is how we make money. We want to provide free tools for certain needs, but that is not a viable business model. Over the years, we’ve had requests from large companies to provide tools that would make it easier for them to build applications that serve their needs. These kinds of companies are the ones driving our growth as a company. Us focusing on the enterprise market is great news to our community: it means we are here to stay, and we won’t need to charge for our core technology or hobby apps.

We are now growing faster than ever: the size of our community has increased 10x in the last year. The community is over 150,000 strong now. We will continue to grow our team, hiring new people for both engineering and business development positions. If you know someone who wants to join us in changing the world, let us know. We’re always looking for exceptional talent!

Marko Lehtimaki, CEO AppGyver

As CEO & Co-Founder of AppGyver, Marko possesses a deep understanding of emerging technologies and their implications to enterprise businesses.

San Francisco, CA