New Expense Reporter app template out now

Composer 2’s templates make creating iOS and Android business apps easier than ever. This week, we’ve added a brand new item to the growing repository: the Expense Reporter app template.

Expense management is a natural aspect of business operations. However, the traditional approach of gathering, scanning and submitting receipts to legacy systems turns an otherwise simple task into a tedious chore that takes up an employee's valuable time.

The process is unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

The Expense Reporter app template is designed to let small business create apps that track expenses, leveraging the convenience of mobile for both reporting and expense approvals. Groups and rules help auditors stay on top of approvals while those incurring expenses get notified when their expense have been paid.

Expense Reporting App created with AppGyver

How the expense reporting app works: Employees can use their mobile phones to photograph receipts and submit expense reports anywhere, anytime. Text fields prompt the user to enter the relevant expense data. Whenever a new report is filed, an admin user (e.g. a supervisor) is notified and prompted to accept or reject it. The notification can happen via a push notification or an e-mail.

End result: A streamlined expense reporting process that’s available on the go. Automated workflows produce faster turnaround times for expense approvals.

Expense reporter apps are perfect for both freelancers and internal employees: all data entered is stored in the same location, so it’s easily accessible.

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