New Modules to Make Your Apps Better Problem Solvers

We want to make Composer 2 an indispensable tool for building apps that solve everyday business problems. So, from the very start, we’ve been using Composer-built apps for our daily operations internally. Dogfooding our own product has helped us to make sure we’re delivering the right features. Today, we’ve got two new modules that we know will make your apps better problem solvers: Map Marker and External Files.

For those not familiar, the whole functional UI layer of your app is built around modules: pages contain modules, which in turn show content and provide functionality. Modules can list or show raw content (like the default List and Details modules), add extra functionality to content (like a Comments module for a single record), or add app-wide, stand-alone features (like Chat).

With each new module, there’s numerous opportunities to enhance your app’s feature set. Read on for how you can utilize the two new modules.

External Files

If you’ve ever experienced working on a project that has related files scattered over several cloud services – welcome to modern work life. We’ve been using Composer 2 apps a lot for project management. We felt the pain, so we developed a module that would bring all of our project files right into our apps, so users can access them and launch their related apps from a single location. The idea was that we’d provide a single place to manage and share dispersed files that would finally have the context of e.g. an ongoing project or a single customer.

To paint a more vivid picture: let’s say you’ve developed an app that lists warehouse inventory. Add the External Files module to your inventory items and you’ve got a single place where you can link manuals on Dropbox, promo videos on YouTube, a Google Doc for iterating marketing material and more. Each related link is naturally shown within the context of the relevant piece of inventory, allowing you to make sense out of a mess of dispersed documents.


  • Give context to files hosted on cloud services and make them accessible from within your Composer apps
  • Add links and let External Files recognize what type of file it is
  • Launch dozens of apps like YouTube and Google Docs directly from the file links within your apps


  • Sales: Repository of sales material, information, legals and agreements Project management: resources, collaborative documents, graphics locations on dropbox
  • Maintenance: manuals, maintenance guides and videos
  • Brokerage listing assets: info package, virtual tour, showcase videos, lease documents

Map Marker

Almost every data-driven application has use for maps. With the Map Marker module, you can now visualize your address data on a Google Maps view. Simply select the form field that contains the address, and a map will be rendered with a marker showing the location.


  • Use address fields in your apps to automatically show the map location for a single data record
  • Choose a field for title and text of a map
  • Select map type, regular, satellite or hybrid
  • Enable / Disable scroll, street view and map type
  • Choose initial zoom


  • Directions to customer locations
  • Plant Management: Satellite overview of plants
  • Real-Estate: Reference for public facilities near a listing
  • Warehousing: Locations listing
  • Equipment Inventory: Listing and directions by location Boot up Composer 2 and add them to a project to check the new modules out!


Are you a developer looking to create your own modules? You can find the full documentation on building custom modules in our Composer 2 docs.

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